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INNO Instrument of America is a global leader of Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer and Test & Measurement technologies. Based domestically in Dallas, TX, all units come with a 3-Year Warranty. Choose from Core-Alignment, Active Clad-Alignment, and Mass Fusion Ribbon Splicers, and OTDRs with Live Fiber Test and up to 1x128 PON Splitter capability. Check out the VIEW PRO Series of Fusion Splicers with Cloud Management System. Contact us for a ZOOM demo today! (

Agave Wire LTD manufactures telecommunications Copper and CCS tracer wire, connectors, and grounding products, is ISO 9001 Certified and our products are UL/CSA approved, and boasts 2-3 week lead times! (

Terabit Communications and its' principals stand behind the product solutions that we offer our customers by providing pre- and post- sales demonstrations, samples, technical data, references, Telcordia/RUS/SCTE/UL certifications, training, support, and warranties.

Terabit Communications' product solutions include: Fusion Splicing Systems; Fiber Optic Test and Inspection Tools; Fiber Optic Enclosures and Cable Management; OSP and Indoor/Outdoor Gel or Gel-Free Fiber Optic Cables; Tracer Wire and Grounding/Bonding Products; HDPE Microduct; Fiber Optic Passive and Active Devices and Modules; and, Technology and Applications Training.

Terabit Communications subscribes to the MANA Code of Ethics, which are the principles which we aspire to in creating professional, effective business partnerships that serve our market in the most cost-effective manner. They include responsibilities of the Sales Agency to our Manufacturers, responsibilities of our Manufacturers to the Sales Agency, the Sales Agency's responsibility to our Customers, and the Sales Agency's responsibility to other Sales Agencies.

If Terabit Communications doesn't carry the product you are looking for, please allow us to assist your search by utilizing our vast network of industry partners.

KNET Co, Ltd. Blulight Microduct offers a broad range of products, including Direct Buried, Direct Install, Indoor, Aerial, Specialty Drop, Accessories, and Connectivity, to meet the many different deployment scenarios facing global telecom carriers. The products are designed to enable carriers to bring fiber optic service to business and residential customers with greater speed and efficiency. Telcordia Certified and RUS Approved. (

With a heritage dating back to Alexander Graham Bell, OFS has been at the forefront of optical communications technology. Headquartered in the United States outside of Atlanta Georgia, OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and provider of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, connectivity, FTTX and specialty photonics solutions. (

Go!Foton brings innovation to the global photonics market with decades of expertise in optics and photonics — solving real-world problems for our customers with a scalable and customized approach. The Go!Foton PEACOC Ultra High Density Fiber Management Platform has been awarded US Patent for its unique and innovative approach to fiber management..Go!Foton’s PEACOC enabled family of Fiber Terminals offer high density fiber management in in extremely small yet easily accessible designs that enable fast installation and quick turn up of field connections with guaranteed quality and performance. (